Unless I’m sitting on a beach, I have a hard time finishing books. But I love reading and there are so many amazing books waiting for me on the shelf! Right now I’m aiming to borrow audiobooks from the library to listen to on my long commute to school.

Here are the items burning a hole on my shelf.  “*” means it’s currently on my night stand and I’ve at least made a dent! Strikethrough means I’ve finished it!

– No Need for Speed by John Bingham
– Chi Running
– Running for Mortals
Nutrition/Eating Psychology
– Omnivore’s Dilemma
– Overcoming Binge Eating
– Skinny Bitch
– Women, Food & God
– 7 Habits…
– Secrets of Successful People
– A New Earth
Other non-fiction:
– * Musicology
– Team of Rivals
– Flat, Hot & Crowded
– * The Girl who Played with Fire
– The Help
– Wicked
– The Guernsey Literary Club
– Songs without Words (finished June 2010)
– The Art of Racing in the Rain
– Run (Ann Patchett) (finished Feb. 2011)

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