Health & Fitness Goals:

Run a 5k in < 30 minutes
Run a 10-miler in less than 2 hours
Run a half marathon in less than 2.5 hours
Lose 5% of my body weight (get to 193)
10% (182)
Get to a healthy BMI (175)
Do real push-ups (on my toes)
Complete P90X

Personal Goals:

Learn ASL
Adopt a dog
Buy a house
Go to grad school to pursue my dream career (speech pathology)

DC things to do while I live nearby:

Mount Vernon
Newseum (5/15/10)
White House Tour
Revisit the American History Museum
Sculpture Garden (5/15/10)
Jazz Night at that art museum
Drag/Gospel brunch
Old Ebbit Grill
Run on the Mall
Dulles Air & Space Museum

Places to visit:

Florida Keys
San Sebastian, Spain (again)
Machu Pichu

My “28 by 28”

1. Run a PR, 2. Run another half marathon, 3. Run a cold weather race, 4. Get weight to “healthy” BMI (lose 19 pounds), 5.Do 5 real pushups, 6. Read “Women, Food & God”, 7.Read “Intuitive Eating”, 8. Try 1 week of food blogging, 9. Try 1 week of Intuitive Eating, 10. Try 1 week of “Clean Eating”, 11.Try 1 week of Vegetarian/veganism, 12. Up my auto savings transfers by $100/month, 13. Maintain a 3.5 GPA, 14. Take a BIO course (a pre-req required for Speech Pathology certification), 15. Host a dinner party, 16. Get my wedding dress cleaned, 17. Find somewhere to donate my wedding dress, 18. Rejoin a church, 19. Sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor, 20. Donate blood, 21. take my “little sister” horseback riding, 22. Send thank-you cookies to my grad school rec writers, 23. Change my name and/or add my husband to ALL accounts, 24. Leave Operation Beautiful notes somewhere people may need them (clinic, book stores, slimfast cans in Walmart, etc.), 25. Visit Mount Vernon, 26. Go Kayaking, 27. Visit Jazz night at the art museum, 28. Eat at a fancy steakhouse

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