Quick Update, big changes!

September 7, 2011

It’s been a while!  Life is good!  Here are some major changes:

  • I am no longer an accountant, auditor or CPA!  I left my job a few weeks ago (because school was starting) and voluntarily suspended my CPA license (so I won’t have to pay for continuing education or annual fees).
  • I am officially a Speech-Language Pathology grad student!  I’ve received my clinical assignments and should start seeing client soons. I’ll be doing a school-based placement, an audiology placement, and two multi-disciplinary diagnostics.
  • The Richmond Marathon isn’t going to happen 😦  My grad program has ONE mandatory Saturday event, and it happens to be on 11/12/11. I’m pretty bummed, but determined to find another race or 2 to register for. I’m thinking about the Blue-Gray Half in Gettysburg on 10/30/11 and then the Shamrock Marathon on 3/17/11 in Virginia Beach. This means even more time to train, so no excuses!  I’m a little worried about paying for both now that I don’t have a salary, but I worry that if I don’t sign up for a fall race I’ll slack on training.

I hope I’ll have more time to post now – we’ll see!