Regaining some structure

April 13, 2011

I had a rough weekend fighting food poisoning.  However, as twisted and psychologically unhealthy as this is, it made me a little happy that it resulted in losing 6 pounds. Yes, I understand that this was pretty much entirely due to the fact that I was totally empty and dehydrated, and that I will likely gain it all back as my digestive system returns to normal, but seeing that lower number on the scale lifted my spirits. I hadn’t lost that much weight in 3 months of half-a$$ing Weight Watchers.

This inspired me to start tracking again, and while tracking usually makes me miserable, right now I’m enjoying it. I’m not committing to do this forever, and I plan on stopping once it starts messing with my head, but for now I’m happy about it so I’m going to go with the flow 🙂

I’ve always liked that Brie over at Brie-Fit puts her food tracker online, and I think I’m going to try the same for accountability. As you can see, I had a small binge around dinner time last night. Hopefully knowing that I post this out there will help me prevent another one 🙂

While sometimes it makes me crazy and makes me WANT to binge, tracking can also help me because it makes me realize when a binge isn’t THAT bad. Having one binge that doesn’t even result in a daily surplus (my RMR is 2113) is not going to ruin my week :).

So my current plan is to track everything in SparkPeople and to post it up here in the morning. This will make for a very boring blog, but that’s not necessarily a change, haha.  I also make a weekly deficit & weight tracking spreadsheet and a massive workout calendar that brings me up to my November marathon, but I’ll spare the internet. For now, bwahaha.


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