Sidelined Sideways

April 4, 2011


I have not been following WW 😦 I have been working out more 🙂 But now I’ve hurt my back. I’m nervous about not working out (and being way more sedentary than usual) as I heal, so I am going to focus extra hard on intuitive eating. I just bought Katie’s new ebook on emotional eating, and I am excited to use the tools she suggests 🙂

Cliff’s Notes of what I did to myself: Hurt my back in BodyPump week Thursday, but thought it wasn’t too bad so stuck around for Kickboxing. Had pain on and off for a few days, and then could hardly move on Tuesday. Went to the doctor and she gave me pain killers & muscle relaxers. She says that I had a strain, which is causing spasms, which is causing reactive scoliosis. My back is totally bent now – My upper body is four inches over from my lower body. Here’s a realistic artist’s interpretation:


LESSON LEARNED!  If something doesn’t feel right (particularly in your back), take it easy!  And certainly don’t choose that moment to start an intense workout you’ve never tried before!

In conclusion, I am going to take it easy movement wise and work on intuitive eating. I’m still excited about the marathon, and I’m trying to see this detour as an opportunity to focus on my eating and weight loss while I take a break from running. And I may buy stock in the company that makes Icy-hot – that stuff’s amazing!

Hope everyone’s doing well! I miss bloggin and hope to be on much more the coming weeks!


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