28 by 28

August 4, 2010

Now that I’ve been 27 for a few weeks, it’s time to make one of my silly lists. Silly lists make me happy 🙂

28 things Shannon might will do before turning 28 (7/19/2011)

– Run a PR
– Run another half marathon
– Run a cold weather race (Jingle Bell Run? I’d love to brush off my elf costume)

– Get weight to “healthy” BMI (lose 19 pounds)
– Do 5 real pushups
– Read “Women, Food & God”
– Read “Intuitive Eating”
– Try 1 week of food blogging
– Try 1 week of Intuitive Eating
– Try 1 week of “Clean Eating”
– Try 1 week of Veganism

– Up my auto savings transfers by $100/month

– Maintain a 3.5 GPA
– Take a BIO course (a pre-req required for Speech Pathology certification)

– Host a dinner party
– Get my wedding dress cleaned
– Find somewhere to donate my wedding dress
– Rejoin a church
– Sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor
– Donate blood
– take my “little sister” horseback riding
– Send thank-you cookies to my grad school rec writers
– Change my name and/or add my husband to ALL accounts
– Leave Operation Beautiful notes somewhere people may need them (clinic, book stores, slimfast cans in Walmart, etc.)

Washington DC (I live next door yet hardly ever visit!)
– Mount Vernon
– Kayaking
– Jazz night at the art museum
– fancy steakhouse

Anyone else obsessed with lists? 🙂


Goodbye Zumba

August 3, 2010

Dear Zumba,

I have loved you from the moment we met. Well, that’s not true. You made me feel uncoordinated because you are so awesome, sexy and coordinated, while I awkwardly trip over my feet. But we grew on each other. Our lunchtime rendezvous spice up my work day. But this isn’t fair to my husband (or our budget). I just cannot swing $55 a month for the convenience of a gym near work, while still paying $35/month for the gym near home. Especially considering that I have a FREE gym in my apartment building.

It’s true that I may from time to time be able to get off work in time to catch you at the cheaper gym near my house, but that seems unlikely now that grad school draws near. Saying goodbye to you is killing me. (Cue “The Hardest Thing” by 98 degrees)  Please know that I will always remember you! My dance skills will never be the same.

Love, Shannon