2010 Marine Corps Historic Half Race Report – Late and Lazy

May 25, 2010

I am a full 9 days late writing this race report!  And at this point, I’ve pretty much lost the motivation to capture all the charming details, so here is my bare-bones recap. Warning: it will be boring – I’m really just throwing it here for my own memories 🙂

Race went well!  Actually, the first half went really well, and I had awful stomach cramps during the 2nd half. I forgot how many hills this race has!  Miles 10 – 12 are basically one steady incline. Here’s a race pic of me struggling:

My wonderful husband was there to cheer me on at mile 12! And then my best friend Jenny & her fiance Kurt were there at around mile 12.8!  It was SO cool of them to come – they live closer to Baltimore than DC, so to make the trek down to Fredericksburg, VA (90 miles) so early in the morning shows what great friends they are!  I wish I got a pic of them. This is just another marathonfoto.com shot of me:

I was kind of disappointed with myself because I couldn’t run to the finish line. I got so close, but the stomach cramps were awful!  The crowd was great though – so many ladies came over to cheer me on. They got right up in my face and were like “you’re there!  you’re there – it’s right there!”  I was literally 100 feet away from the finish line – I felt like such a drama queen, but I needed a break. I finally got it together and finished!  And as soon as I finished… *poof* – I felt so good, and I was so proud and happy to get my medal. I decided I want to run it again next year, even though I had decided earlier that it would be my last half (my body seems to love the 10k-10 mile distance). As miserable as I was for 1.5 hours, I love racing!

My time was 2:51:51 – 6 minutes faster than last year!  But last year I waited in a mid-race port-a-potty line, so I think it was about the same.

Afterword I got a photo with Mary Washington!  The race has a history theme, so all sorts of colonial folks were scattered throughout the race route. I love this photo because I think I look thin. I bet they edited it, haha 🙂

Mike, Jenny, Kurt and I hung out in the post-race area while I stretched.  I was so sore already!  Jenny had brought me some pepto bismol because she knows my stomach is usually a wreck after races – isn’t she the best? I chugged a bit and my stomach hasn’t bothered me since.  My legs were another story – I was much more sore than I’ve ever been for another race. Lesson learned – be diligent with your training plan, and don’t skimp on the long runs! I was sore for days and days. I didn’t feel up to working out again until Thursday!!

What’s next?!

Since I got my new Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor, I know that I burn many more calories in short, intense workouts than I do on long runs. I lost 40 pounds a few years ago and have kept it off by running slowly, but my body is used to that now. Me weight is still 20 pounds above the “healthy” BMI range, and it has stabilized there. As such, I am going to use this summer to focus more on losing weight and gaining speed. I will build my mileage up again for October’s Army 10-Miler, but in the mean time I’m only running a 4-miler on June 19. I’m hoping to make it a fast one!

Well that was more verbose than I’d planned! I don’t think I’m cut out to be a real blogger 🙂


One Response to “2010 Marine Corps Historic Half Race Report – Late and Lazy”

  1. You’re a real blogger if you just do what’s natural for you!

    Great job on your half marathon! Good luck with increasing your short, intense workouts! They seem so much harder (well, I guess they are, huh, that’s why they burn more calories!)

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