Bread, Hike & Garmin!

March 9, 2010

Whew – is the weekend really over?  I had a great relaxing weekend in town with the hubby, including:

  • Dinner w/ a former colleague and his wife Friday night. It was nice to hang out with them, and I hope we do it again because it would be nice to have some married friends who live nearby!
  • Saturday morning I dragged my butt out of bed for BodyPump!  It was my first Saturday morning workout in weeks, and felt great!
  • After pump, I headed over to the Falls Church Farmer’s market for the first time in 2010! I was disappointed that the vendors were out of fresh eggs, but got some great apples, sweet potatoes and foccacia bread.
  • To continue my healthy Saturday, I went on a fantastic outdoor run.  It was SO nice and warm – tons of people were out biking and walking their dogs. I was only scheduled for 4 miles,  but ran 5.6m because I had slacked last weekend and earlier in the week.
  • Saturday night, my husband and I watched 2 movies. I loved Marley & Me, even though I recognize it was a pretty terrible movie.  MY GOSH what a tear-jerker!  Movies with old or sick dogs always get me because they remind me of all the great dogs my family had when I was younger. My husband has never had a pet, and he though I was crazy for sobbing.  The second movie we watched was “A Serious Man,” which I had confused with “A Single Man.”  I kept waiting for Colin Firth to appear!  It was a good, but dark movie.
  • Sunday, after some yummy waffles, I made my first ever loaf of bread!  I used Mark Bittman’s “No-Knead Bread” recipe. It seems like a lot of effort because you need to prepare the dough a day early & let it rise for 18 hours, but it was worth it!
  • After breadmaking, my husband and I went for a wonderful hike at Bull Run Mountain.
  • Sunday night we went over a friend’s place for an Oscar watch party, complete with champagne!  We were thrilled for NPH’s appearance!

Mmk, photos!

Recipe, with the only ingredients!  It may sound silly, but I never knew you could make bread with so little!

We had to make the dough into a ball. It wasn’t supposed to stick!  I guess I need more flour next time. It reminded me of Nickelodeon Gak – remember that stuff??

Sticky Dough!

Covered w/ cotton. Thrilling, no?

Ready for the oven! The recipe calls for you to use a pre-heated dutch oven as a bread oven!

1/2 way through – time to take off the lid.


Doesn’t look bad!


Happy, carb-lovin Shannon!

We saw some old buildings/ruins on our hike.

I spot a handsome man!

I joined him.

Onto Monday… Look at what I got in the mail!

I shall call her “Garma.”  I was worried that it would be ENORMOUS because it always looks so big on other girls’ wrists, but I forgot that I am a giant with MONSTER HANDS!

She makes me pretty happy! I can’t wait to try her out on Wednesday’s training run!  I’m going to try to run near work and shower there, so that I catch some sunlight in the morning.


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