Oh well!

February 11, 2010

I didn’t even make it one full day as a food blogger!  It takes a lot of time and energy to post about every meal – I have a lot of respect for the ladies who do it everyday!  Here are some things I learned whilst food blogging for 2/3 of a day:

  • I often sneak nibbles without even noticing.  If I grab a few tostitos, do I take a photo of it?  The photos made me more conscious of the in-between-meals bites I may grab and forget to track.
  • Making food pretty is fun
  • I drink too much wine!  To be fair, it’s unusual to be snowed-in like this in Washington DC 🙂

I had another snow day off work, so I kept photographing, but I am too lazy to type out the details.

Last night’s dinner:

Imagine several more wine glasses and some kiwi fruit, and that was my night 🙂

Today’s bfast (along with a “proof of life” style newspaper):

My brave, handsome, scruffy husband shoveled-out our cars!

While he shoveled, I did a Jackie Warner workout dvd (well, I got it through OnDemand cable). Lunch was leftovers

Then I had a yoplait light strawberry yogurt and a chai tea with a splash of almond milk and 1/4tsp agave nectar. I am not a very creative writer – can’t imagine I’ll keep up this blog!


2 Responses to “Oh well!”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Your blog shows up wonderfully in my google reader, by the way (some don’t look as nice)! Just had to comment to say I love your Life Is Good mug. We go to the beach a couple times a year and my favorite thing about each trip is that I get to buy a new Life Is Good shirt each time (that’s the deal I have with hubby since he is usually buying expensive stunt kites – his hobby – on those trips)!

    • Aww, yay! I LOVE Life is Good stuff. My husband and I look for a LIG store whenevr we go on vacation. We were really bummed that we couldn’t find one on our honeymoon (Aruba) because we were going to buy gifts for each other there. He has a mug similar to mine but his has an Adorindak (sp?) chair and looks more “manly.” On your next trip you’ll be eying those adorable LIG baby clothes!

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