Hello world!

February 10, 2010

Hi there, I’m Shannon!  Welcome to my blog! I titled my blog “Food Runs” because I’m not sure if I’ll end up writing about food, running or both. Lately I’ve been inspired by many “food blogs,” in which people (usually women around my age) discuss their nutritional and fitness goals and progress. While my goals aren’t exactly the same as theirs (many of them are very fit vegetarians), I find them incredibly inspirational.  Listed below are some of my favorites.  Please keep in mind that there are TONS of other amazing food/fitness blogs out there, but I cannot read most of them at work because my company’s network filters out anything that looks too much like a blog based on the web address.


While I love reading these blogs, I always figured that I don’t have time to create my own. But today I finally have a snow day thanks to the multiple blizzards we’ve had in the Washington DC area in the past few weeks, AND I happened to make an aesthetically pleasing breakfast, so I figured I’d give it a shot, if only for a day.  Here goes!


I usually eat one of two healthy breakfast options every single day, but in honor of the snow day and my pancake loving husband, I decided to make a treat.

Well, since I’ve done NOTHING except eat pancakes and create this blog today, I’m off to get in a 5 mile tempo run on the dreadmill.  (I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, but I am slooooow.)


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